Here We Go

It all started over a year ago when my Cynical Soul Sister and I found ourselves single, drunk, and watching Bravo. Evidently, we were not the only single girls in the world to be checking in on our favorite Real Housewives that evening as Match.com and eHarmony seemed to be dominating our commercial time. Inspired in the way that only cheap wine can inspire 21 year olds, we endeavored to make Match profiles. Deterred in the way that 21 year olds frequently are (by money) we rerouted our plans and the OkCupid profile was created. Although apprehensive at first, I quickly got over my fear of awkward first dates and embraced the opportunity to meet some really interesting people, while reveling in the endless entertainment of online pick up lines and blind-ish dates.

Now I’m no anthropology major but human behavior has always been a curiosity to me, and dating seems to be one human activity that apparently has a lot of people (myself included) somewhat baffled. An ever-verbal person, my mode for deciphering and understanding the oddities of dating has always been to be open with friends and acquaintances about my experiences and to ask questions and seek their opinions. My open-book approach to online dating turned out to be a bit more cavalier than anticipated but has nonetheless brought incredibly insight for me and, I’m sure, at least a new perspective for a few others. So I’m sticking to my guns, laughing at my own follies, and launching this blog. Dating in Chicago is a joke, a hilarious one that cracks me up on the regular. So in the truly romantic words of oh so many gentlemen callers on okCupid: “Hey, whats up ;)” join me on my adventures and mishaps as I dive deeper into the online dating culture of Chicago. Here we go….



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