First Dates

The Waiting Game

Recently, I had a rather spectacular first date.

J Parker is a fantastically trendy rooftop bar with a great view Lincoln Park that happens to be breathtaking at sunset. The guy showed up, well dressed, tall, dark, handsome (well, maybe more cute, but you know). The conversation was good, easy and fun. We walked home and had probably the most ideal first kiss that one could hope for on a first date (and trust me, I’ve got quite a few horrible first date kisses under my belt to compare it to.)  Then we parted ways. The fact is, I wouldn’t mind seeing him again. In fact, I’d genuinely like to see if a second date could maintain the same level of fun and excitement. But at the same time, who knows. So we wait.

My friend shared this hilarious list with me from Buzzfeed, called “The 14 Stages of Accepting a Slow Fade” and I thought it absolutely topical-ish for my life at the moment. I would say I’m somewhere between stage 1 (Blissful Ignorance) and stage 2 (Pause for Thought). Still waiting for that day-after text… Maybe it’ll come today. Maybe I’ll just never ever hear from him ever again. Ever. 

Blissful Ignorance

Pause for Thought

Oh well, got another first date tonight. Stay tuned!


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