The Proudest Day of a Serial Dater’s Life

Coming off of a miserable date last night, paired with a minor hangover (caused by drinking my way through said awful date), it was quite clear that this morning I was in definite, dire need of a pick me up.

And then something incredible happened….

Today my big brother asked me for dating advice.

5 years ahead of me and infinitely wiser in so many ways, I just about fell out of my chair. But lo and behold, my brother is a fellow tinder-er and after three whole weeks of iPhone courtship (why so long bro?) he asked a hopefully lovely stranger out. And then he came to me for advice. What a proud day!

In other news, here’s a tidbit of advice I picked up from my miserable date last night: If you’re going to invite a girl for drinks, at least try to pretend like you’re interested in being there. Nothing is more painful than trying to force smalltalk with a man who appears to be bored/indifferent/spacey. If you show up and are immediately decidedly disinterested, do not – I repeat, do not – order a second/third beer. Go home. Save yourself some money. Save me some time. Save me the forced effort of trying to find a subject that will actually draw conversation out of you. And save me the hangover. Holy macks.

Anyways, in the ever-popular words of Rebecca Black:
It’s Friday, Friday, Gotta get Down on Friday. Have an awesome weekend!


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