Hy (or… “Don’t Date Me, Please”)

Depending on who you ask, my “standards” when it comes to dating range from pretty darn high (I expect a man to have his shit together at least as much as I’ve got my shit together, i.e. a job/career, a savings account, hair that is cut, clothes that are clean, an apartment, a bed frame) to maybe a little too forgiving (personality counts for something guys! It can’t be all about the looks all the time, right? maybe…)

But regardless, the one thing that kills me are the guys out there who are content with doing the bare minimum. In terms of online dating, that usually means kicking things off with a killer one-word message: “hey.”
Unfortunately, this dope couldn’t even get that much together. Kill me now. If this is what’s out there- Cat Lady life, here I come!

English Please


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