Paid vs. Unpaid. An Unofficial Study

In a somewhat shocking, if not entirely awe inspiring turn of events my previously mentioned single friend who came to me in a moment of panic prior to her very first stranger date not even one month ago, has managed to snag herself a young, professional, respectable, exclusively-dateable gentleman. When I got the text I was both floored and, I’ll admit it, a little bit jealous. I’ve been running the gambit (that’s a phrase, right?) of free online dating platforms for a year+ and here I am, still single and still mingling. To be fair, I’ve had a handful of relationship-like things but never have I had a man jump on the exclusivity train that quickly.

Anyways, the moral of the story is I’m thrilled for her. If they end up Happily Ever After I fully intend to take credit. In the meanwhile, I’m reaping the benefits of her barely-used three-month subscription, which is in my hands until it expires or she asks for it back, whichever comes first.

So the experiment begins! I’m genuinely curious to find what kind of men are willing to pony up to pick up ladies. So far, well, I just keep seeing familiar faces. The degree of separation between Match and OkCupid appears to be minimal. My first Match message? From a former (disastrous) OkCupid date of mine, winky emoticon and all. I guess there are actually a limited number of fish in this Chicago sea.

To add a little pep to this dreary Monday, we can always look to the positive. This lovely gentleman reminded me of just how pretty I really am, and, I mean, look at that! I’ve got myself a backup plan. Perfect.


Happy Monday! Date night tonight so stay tuned!


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