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Tinder Me Softly

If you ask me, Tinder is the dating app that best simulates real life: On a Saturday night at a bar you see millions of faces, each connected to a person whos age and interests you can roughly estimate based off appearance. You pass on person after person, only picking out a few that appeal to you. You think they’re cute and you make eyes at them and if they notice and smile back at you, a conversation might start up (but it’s just as likely that it might not, too.) Tinder does the same thing, just swipe those suckers to the left (pass, pass, pass, pass) until someone catches your eye. Interested? If they are, you match up and the possibility of conversation opens up.

The thing is, just like in a bar, aside from knowing you like this person’s face, you don’t know a dang thing about that stranger you’re looking at. So when I snagged myself my first Tinder date earlier this week, I quickly realized that I was going into this date pretty much blind. Unlike other dating sites, I didn’t have a somewhat carefully crafted profile with key facts about the guy. I didn’t even know how tall he was. We’d exchanged a few text messages and I’d done a bit of interweb snooping, but a LinkedIn page doesn’t exactly give personality insights.

A thing that has always been curious to me about first dates is the whole grandeur of it all. Especially if you’ve got a good vibe off of someone, you’re doing your best impersonation of a charming, smooth, sexy, put-together person, and they’re doing the same. It’s this wonderful/horrible masquerade of trying to be yourself (because you want them to like you) but also trying to be the kind of person that they’ll like (because who can be sure if that’s actually you, right?) Toss in a few drinks and who knows. That’s how my first Tinder date went. Right off the bat, good vibes and the overwhelming need to impress (without looking like you’re trying to hard.)

All in all, I’d say we were both successful in our endeavors to charm and woo with wit and banter. I’m feeling quite a bit intrigued and certainly looking forward to date #2. At some point the guises will be dropped and then the real fun begins!

Speaking of fun, This Girl is going on VACAY TO-DAY!!!
Dropping off the grid for a week. No phone. No internet. No Dates.



See y’all in 9 days!


5 thoughts on “Tinder Me Softly

  1. Vicky Sanders says:

    Ha, my experience hasn’t been so great on there… I stopped using tinder a few weeks ago, too many douches. My girlfriends use now, it’s similar, but you can find things to do and match with groups so it’s less sketchy. Skout’s not bad, but had my fair share of creepers on there

    • This guy might be turning out to be a douche in disguise, we shall wait and see!
      I tried to sign up for Cliqie after you mentioned it before but apparently there’s a waiting list (and I’m on it!) I’ll give Skout a shot when I get back from vay-cay! Thanks for the tips!

      • Vicky Sanders says:

        Yea it took me some time to get in, I think they’re gaining popularity. Good luck, hope it works out!

  2. Love it. Obviously. You’re the best first dater I know. Maybe the only one too… everyone I hang out with is either taken, or not looking (but then again I only know about 10 people here)

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