Some Nuts, Some Bolts

Last night a similarly-single lady friend and I decided to try our luck at an organized singles mixer, a first for both of us. The premise was cute: a “Nuts and Bolts” party where women snag a nut and gentlemen grab a bolt (see below)

nutsnboltsOnce you’ve got your hardware in hand, you venture out to find your match. The reward for finding your match was a raffle ticket to win a bevy of miscellaneous prizes.  In truth, it was a real cute ice breaker and the added bit of competition was fun. There were all kinds of people in attendance and just about everybody was equally apprehensive (and awkward) which resulted in everyone just trying to be really darn friendly. All in all, it was fun. I didn’t win anything and I didn’t meet anybody I’d really want to date but it seemed agreed that there were way worse ways to spend a Thursday evening. I’d certainly do it again. I probably will do something similar again.

Just one peeve of the evening: The event was hosted at Mad River in Lakeview, which was a large space, great for such a mixer. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much of a divider between the normal bar patrons (of which there were quite a few) and us mixing singles, turning the evening into somewhat of a spectator event for those not involved. Now I believe there is absolutely no shame in proactively looking to connect with people. That said, if I wanted people to watch me while I did it, I’d sign up for a reality TV show. For the most part the nutty/bolt-types kept to themselves as did the regular bar-goers, but two men not associated with the mixer made their way over to inquire about the event. They mixed and mingled among us, one seemingly genuinely curious, the other with a bit of a smug smirk on his face. Upon finding out my age, his small smirk blossomed into a full judgmental smile and he asked me: “So, 23 and you’ve already given up?” and I just about slapped his scruffy smug 35-year old smile right off his face. There is no reason why I should need to justify myself to this man and there should be no reason that he should feel so compelled to say such things to someone he’s never met. In fact, how I choose to go about meeting people is really of no concern to anyone but myself. So here’s what I say to that:


For the record, No, I haven’t given up. I am, in fact, still optimistic, still hopeful, and leveraging all of the opportunities this city and modern technology offer me to meet new people. To each their own and to me, well, mine.

Besides, who really spends their 35th birthday at Mad River crashing a singles mixer? I mean, really.

Have a great Labor Day weekend y’all!


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