You’ve got me Swooning

One of my favorite hobbies is learning about new dating applications/option. Recently, I’ve been playing with Swoon (I’m allowed to call it playing because, well, when you start it says “Play Swoon”). Essentially, it’s Tinder minus the tagline and plus a whole lot of 19 year olds. Not quite my ideal demographic, but I have found a few cuties. No nibbles on dates yet, but we shall see!

Anyways, to save you the time (or to pique your interest, depending on what you’re interested in,) I’ve pulled a few of my favorite profiles into this lovely little collage. Check it out:


In case you can’t tell, 25 year old Mike’s animation says “I AINT GET TIME FOR CLASS JUST WANNA LIVE THUG LIFE!!!”

I passed on these ones, wasn’t quite ready to commit, but that means they’re still on the market so if your fancy is feeling tickled, hit them up and start swooning!


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