Too Busy to Date (Will Date for Food)

That second bit of the headline is a joke. Mostly because most guys from Tinder won’t buy you dinner on a first date (HA! Half joke/half true)

The first bit is no joke, though. Somehow my evening schedule has become stupidly busy and my ability to date my way through this town has been incredibly hindered. I did manage to squeeze in a drink with a charming gent from the Tinder-sphere on Monday but he seemed more interested in how his Fantasy Football team was doing than actually talking to me. You know your Tinder date was a bust when you both know he doesn’t have your number and you both know he didn’t ask for it. Also, if he keeps yawning. Also, if he’s at least 3 inches shorter than you. Also, if you try to part amicably by saying “Thanks so much for drinks! Talk to you soon?” and he sounds surprised and responds with “sure?” Needless to say, bust. Although, I found a great new bar (Brownstone in North Center)

Regardless of my dating dry-spell, the jokers with their wackadoodle messages just keep coming (and keep me entertained!):


Also, I’m still curious for opinions from the brilliant minds of the interwebs! Are there any perks to dating someone from the suburbs? I’ve got no car and live snuggly in the middle of the city’s near-ish north-ish side. Is going out with a guy from the burbs worthwhile (yay,  he’s got a great personality!) or a waste of an evening (the commute is brutal… is this long distance?)? SERIOUSLY PEOPLE, I’m curious. Cause I might’ve just said yes to a date with a guy from Naperville (wherever the heck that is…) Comments would be appreciated



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