Online Dating

Le Deuxieme Date

Despite some great arguments in their favor, I have a tendency to avoid second dates if I didn’t think the first date went just swimmingly. I’m pretty sure that’s how my fear of commitment manifests itself (or that’s just how my busy schedule works out. Whatever. Either or, neither nor.) But after my curious date last week, when the gentleman caller requested a follow up date, I was happy to oblige. Let me tell you, this kid lives a charmed life and apparently has the flexible schedule of a student, so we took advantage of my day off (Columbus Day is a legit holiday, it seems) and enjoyed an afternoon of glorious fall weather together in the city. We walked and chatted. We sat and chatted. We walked a little more while continuing to chat.  All in all, it was a lovely time. Very laid back, very entertaining. We’ve got a tentative third date set up – he offered to cook. One of my favorites  (through my stomach to my heart? Yes please!)

But (and this might just be an over-thinking-girl-kind-of-‘but’) then sometimes I think being comfortable is boring, right? Date two and I’m already preparing for a lifetime of monotony (that’s a joke. mostly) I don’t know. Who knows. Nobody knows. We’ll see. Cooking date coming up. Maybe something exciting will happen!


In other news. A guy who only eats meat and potatoes (and actually said “ew” to the word broccoli) wants to take me out. I’m no Andrew Zimmern, but come on! Live a little!Andrew-Zimmern-promo-thumb-300x300


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