Online Dating

The Carrot

carrotThe Carrot and the Stick concept is an idiom that refers to a punishment/reward system used to incite an action/behavior. The original reference: a man is driving a cart pulled by a donkey. Dangling ahead of the donkey is a tasty taproot (a carrot), while the man in the cart holds a stick with which he can whip the donkey. Driven equally by the desire for the rewarding carrot and the fear of the punishing whip, the donkey pulls the cart forward.

Why does this matter?

Because there’s a new dating app called Carrot Dating. And their slogan is Bribe Your Way to a Date! 

If you thought Tinder was awkward, hold your horses on this one. Profiles are limited to basic demographic information and a single tagline, along with a photo. You can browse by proximity and if a suitor strikes your fancy (perhaps “GenerousMD, 38, Chicago IL”) you offer him a Bribe to incite the desired action/behavior: a date. I kid you not, my friends. It says it, right there!  A button prompting a “Bribe” and a lil picture of a carrot dangling from a stick!

The options of bribes are limited to four categories:

  • Gifts
    • I will buy you a…. “tank of gas”/”plastic surgery treatment”
  • Dining
    • I will treat you to a… “coffee”/”dinner”
  • Activities
    • I will treat you to a… “shopping spree”/”vacation”/”tattoo”
  • Entertainment
    • Let’s go to a… “concert”/”night club”

And once you select your ideal bribe, the one that you really think will hook you a date, the app asks you to confirm: if the person accepts, you will pay for the date.

24 hours into it and I’ve got two offers for jewelry and another for dinner. None too shabby.



I’ll admit, it’s an interesting concept. Certainly not conducive for developing a long term, equal-playing-field-type relationship, but if you’re the type of person, here ya go. Go out, give that cart a little pull and snag yourself a GenerousMD, just be prepared for all sorts of Ass jokes.


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