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I’m continually baffled by men on tinder who think “pretty horny, actually” is an appropriate response to “how are you?”


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  1. gaydtla says:

    I didn’t think that Tinder was a dating app. I’ve never used it, but have been told by friends that it is the straight version of Grindr (a hookup app).

    • ChiSerialDater says:

      It can go either way I think, in Chicago at least. I’ve had a good handful of relatively-successful dates from Tinder. You just have to be upfront about expectations (which, I guess, these horny guys are being…)

      • gaydtla says:

        Good to know! I thought it was purely a hookup app for the straight crowd (since the premise is based on one photo and a finger). Like the old “hot or not” website. Now that I think about it, many gays are using Tinder as an alternate to Grindr. They somehow feel like they are avoiding the stigma of Grindr… but doing the exact same thing. Thanks again. BTW, you live in an awesome city. Chicago is amazing!!!

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