Apply Here

I sometimes joke that dating is a lot like applying to jobs and going to interviews. Some people, I guess, take that concept seriously. When this guy messaged me, I took it as an invitation to apply to the “job”:

resume dating

Upon reviewing the qualifications, well, I didn’t meet the mandatory requirements (I don’t have a car) but I decided to play along and sent back a semiformal message politely declining the invitation and citing my under-qualification as justification. His response:

“For fulltime that is correct. However I might suggest for part time or an internship. If you are able to work through not having a car and compromise, then you could be promoted to fulltime.”

Too far. Just too far.
Also, “fulltime” is not a word. Also, grammar.
I’m also not applying for an internship (I’m over the internship phase of my life, thank you) and I don’t need to pick up a part time job (especially an unpaid job…)

Lastly, anyone who read my profile in whole would know I don’t own a car and, in fact, think the suburbs are far enough away to constitute a long distance relationship, something I’m not looking for. So all in all, poorly played sir. Now GTFO.



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