Cutting to the Chase

First off, I’m not one for beating around the bush, dilly-dallying, or hemming/hawing. I like to be direct and I appreciate when others are upfront as well. So here’s this:

Picture12That said, I’m also no old lady, grumpy curmudgeon (yet) but come on, friend! You’re 20. Stop trolling for ladies to bed on the internet. Take a stab around town. Have you been to Wrigleyville? It’s like a barrel full of fishes, ready for you to shoot. No need to “cut to the chance” (ha) or convince them you know “what you’re doing when it comes to sex.” Just buy a couple of shots of fireball, tell her she’s the prettiest girl at Sluggers (or Deuce’s, or John Barleycorn, or Barcelona, etc…. *sigh*) and use protection.

What a charmer.



One thought on “Cutting to the Chase

  1. GayinLA says:

    The first thing that I looked for was the time. 9:30pm….. not too late, but still late enough to try and plan a random hookup. That must have been his plan.

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