The Countdown is On!


That’s the question, Time Magazine has posed to millions (perhaps even billions…) and you know what the answer [for me] was…



According to this handy little app, which ropes in data from Facebook, I’ve got a whole 2 years 10 months and 8 days to get hitched before I become one of those Late in Life Brides. That puts my wedding date at December 19, 2016. So the countdown is on!! This is how I intend to start all conversation with prospective dates going forward: “Hello, yes, pleasure to meet you. I have approximately 2 years, 10 months and 8 days to make it down the isle. Does that fit in your time frame? Yes? Great! No? Oh, well then I must dash! Time’s atickin’ as they say!

I hear wedding bells in my future! They’re just very faint…

In case you’d like to know exactly how much time you have before reaching spinster status, visit


Oh, and happy Valentine’s Day, friends!



5 thoughts on “The Countdown is On!

  1. That’s crazy! I went to the site and checked out my own “marriage date.” Fortunately, I hadn’t passed mine yet- thanks to all my friends getting married in their old age. LOL Great post! I talked about my results and linked you in my latest post. :)

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