The List

Recently, on a bored afternoon, some ladies and I were watching an edition of 20/20 (see? we’re Women of Substance) that featured stories of people who were experimenting with some strange strategies to fall in love (or attempt to, I guess.) From pheromone parties to hiring professional cuddlers, there was some wacky stuff. The one that stuck out and cracked me up? Amy Webb and her algorithm for finding her perfect man. Armed with a list 75 requirements deep and ranked/valued based on importance, Amy concocted a method of weeding through the millions of e-Men to find her Happily Ever After. And then she wrote a book about it (go figure.)

I’m by no means a mathematician, can’t even actually spell the word (thanks spell check!) but the idea of a 75-point list of requirements piqued my interests. Is that a lot? Is it not? Who knows, but I’m making my own list, it will be exhaustive, and, rest assured, I’m sure it will only grow as I go on more dates. Check in for regular updates:  

  1. Lives within an accessible distance (i.e. no long distance nonsense)
  2. Wants kids
  3. Has a degree
  4. Has a career (or the trajectory to have a career after wrapping up his studies)
  5. Nonsmoker
  6. Spiritual/believes in some kind of god
  7. Values his family
  8. Gets along with my family
  9. Likes animals
  10. Knows the word altruistic (and appreciates altruism)
  11. Has a bed frame
  12. Good Hygiene
  13. Nice teeth
  14. Understands basic grammar
  15. Reads books
  16. Likes outdoorsy things
  17. Doesn’t hate the idea of not living in the city for forever
  18. Only uses the phrase “Work hard, Play hard” when being sarcastic or snarky
    1. Sub-requirement: Understands what the word snarky means
  19. Is willing to try new things, including:
    1. new foods
    2. new places (within the city, country, contient, world)
    3. new genres of movies/music/books
  20. Is understanding when he finds out about this blog…
  21. Likes simple dates but appreciates going the extra mile for special occasions (or just for a surprise)
  22. Understands that there is no existing rivalry between University of Michigan and University of Illinois. Seriously.
  23. Understand the difference between a “hangout” and a “date”
  24. Has a schedule and knows how to make plans
  25. Is willing to share a bowl of all-you-can-eat mac and cheese on a Wednesday night

2 thoughts on “The List

  1. Auntie C says:

    Serial dater – it’s Auntie C. I actually had a 20 item list which I thought would come in handy if I ever met anyone who wasn’t gay or living with his mother. Uncle D got 19/20. He argues about this because one item was I like men who are musical – sing or play and instrument. He thought he should get part marks because he owned a lot of CDs.

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